Sunday, October 9, 2011

Celebrities react to Steve Jobs' death

Lucas Jackson / Reuters



Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Steve Jobs succumbed to a battle with pancreatic cancer on Oct. 5
Oct 6, 2011 – 7:00 PM ET | Last Updated: Oct 6, 2011 6:22 PM ET
Following the news of Steve Jobs’ death, stars took to their websites and Twitter feeds to post their tributes. Read some of them below:
Jimmy Fallon: “Thank you, Steve Jobs, for all of the fun and amazing ways you made our lives better….Sent from my iPhone.”
Ashton Kutcher: “I never thought I could be so busted up about the loss of someone I never met. #stevejobs. Sending love & light to everyone @Apple & the entire Jobs family. Today we lost a Giant who will be missed even by those who didn’t know him.”
Kevin Smith: Our parents had JFK, we had Steve Jobs. Edison gave us electricity, Jobs gave us the Jetsons in real life. We lost an icon today. Mourn him.
Mandy Moore: RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for your innovation and genius. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones….
Neil Patrick Harris: “Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. Your genius will live on for generations to come…”
Pete Wentz: “There are few people who have made an impression in every area of the modern world. Steve Jobs was a such a person — a modern Leonardo da Vinci. He changed the way we thought about art, design, invention, and the future by combining them all. He has been someone that taught me it’s important to believe in what you do no matter how against the grain or revolutionary it is. He was a true visionary in every sense of the word.”
Anderson Cooper: “My first Apple product, the Apple 2E computer. I think that’s what it was called.”
Dianna Agron: “We never met, yet I stand beside members of this giant playground that you discovered for us. We use it every day, never tiring of the sand.”
Alyssa Milano: “Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You were always a big part of my world with your special inventions. Thank you for your brain.”
Emmy Rosssum: “Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs. A true genius and kind man. I was lucky to meet him and his family when I was a young child. He will be missed.”
Ian Somerhalder: “My heart and gratitude go out, like so many of us, to Steve Jobs and his family. You Sir are one of the greatest minds the world will ever see.”
Charlize Theron: “RIP Steve Jobs, a true visionary.”
Donald Glover: R.I.P. Steve Jobs. I can honestly say you changed my life and the world many times over.
Garry Shandling: Steve Jobs spoke of life and death and humanity. It is where his passion to create was born, and why his technology serves Man, and not the other way around. A very big loss, today.
Jane Lynch: “We will miss you, Steve Jobs. Sent lovingly from my iPhone.”
Ricky Martin: “Where is the excitement gonna come from. We won’t see another you in this lifetime. Thank you for everything Steve! :o(“
Damon Lindelof: “Steve Jobs. On behalf of every dreamer sitting in his or her garage who is crazy enough to try to change the world, you will be missed.”
Zooey Deschanel: “So sad about Steve Jobs, he was a truly inspirational man.”

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