Friday, September 23, 2011

kirilenko tattoo

So Andrei Kirilenko has a new tattoo.
From the look of things, he has an entirely new back.
The Jazz forward's body art started showing up on the Internet this week. Nice. Actually, it's awful. Dark, scary, intimidating. Not at all like A.K.
I'm sure the person who did the artwork is pleased — as is A.K. -- but any time I see someone using his entire back for a canvas, I want to cover my eyes. (see Carlos Boozer)
click image to enlarge
What was Kirilenko thinking?
Still, there was one thing about his explanation that made sense: He's 30 years old and can do what he wants.
Kirilenko is a free spirit. If he wants to wear a Mohawk, or wear it '50s style, or shaggy like the lead in a rock band, he'll do it. That's part of the reason he butted heads with Jerry Sloan: One of them is a free spirit, the other isn't.


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