Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jesse James Tattoo

  1. Everyone has seen the hugely successful Monster Garage, Orange County Choppers and newly released Inked. These reality shows have caught on like wildfire and advertisers are in a scramble to get their piece of the action. You can now buy all kinds of West Coast Chopper clothing and memorabilia, Teutel bobble heads, etc... 60% of Jesse James West Coast Choppers revenue comes from its clothing line. How did this all come about? The mass appeal of these programs has unleashed a merchandising frenzy, to include clothing lines, calenders, autographed memorabilia, and auto accessories. Kids line up in hour long lines as do corporate executives eager to get in on the action. Reality tv programs have also made Discovery, Fox and a few other channels the most watched on TV with ratings close to that of the super bowl.

These programs are also having a profound effect on traditional marketing. In the past big businesses have used the fix it and forget it approach. Hire a big marketing company, get you name out there and let it sell. Now they are seeing their whole world turned upside down. Buyers are looking to express themselves through their clothing, etc... Even if they can't afford a West Coast Choppers custom bike (around $100,000) they can afford a West Coast Choppers t-shirt, calendar or hat. Traditional marketing companies are finding that reality shows like American Idol, Monster Garage, and American Chopper have now found that americans want to be seen as individuals. They want a touch of personality and they can see that everyone wants that too - look at all the people getting tattoos now as tattooing has gone mainstream with the launch of the show Inked. "Would you like a tattoo or belly button piercing with that?" Manufacturers can no longer rely on one or two items to make their product line and change must be constant as these reality tv trends are always changing.

What is the future of reality tv? What will we be the hot fashions in the coming years? As Monster Garage dies down along with American Chopper, what will replace them? Will we see low-rider cars sponsored by Taco Bell in Nascar? The presidents and other politicians cars decked out with sponsors stickers to help out with the federal debt? Maybe George Bush will get a grill (for teeth) as Nelly and Little John have made this hot starting on Wilding Out. What will be the next big trend? One things for certain if you can find it first and market it you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Discovery Channel made Jesse James a multimillionaire, did the same for the Teutels (Orange County Choppers) and others. What determines a good reality show which will launch the next trends? We had better watch these shows as they have become huge and can change our future - maybe they can get people to vote?

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